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Cutting Technologies director joins Company of Cutlers

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A Barnsley business woman has been accepted as a Freeman of an elite manufacturing association – The Company of Cutlers in Sheffield.

Jane Robinson of Cutting Technologies, joins 450 members who qualify as Freemen by being the director or senior executive of a manufacturing organisation or work in the field of research of manufactured items within the Sheffield City Region.

The Cutlers’ Company was established by a parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624 and for over 400 years it has sought to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield manufacturing.

The Act gave the Company control over the organisation of the cutlery industry in Sheffield and surrounding areas. It operated to indent apprentices, register Freemen and control the quality of goods manufactured.

The Company of Cutlers is governed by an elected Master, two Wardens, six Searchers and 24 Assistants. The permanent body is elected annually at the new Master Cutler’s Installation.

As a Freeman, Jane will strive to promote the interests of the manufacturing industry in the Sheffield City Region.

Jane, director at Cutting Technologies said:

“It’s a huge honour to take place among so many leading people in the local manufacturing industry.

“There’s tonnes of history and heritage around the Company to ensure manufacturing standards are always kept at a high.

“I’m looking forward to helping maintain standards and the reputation of our industry within the Sheffield Region, which is amongst the best in the world.

“I’d also like to use my new position to encourage more girls to consider careers in manufacturing and engineering.”

Jane Robinson

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