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Nordic technology giant buys Wakefield-based IT company

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Wakefield-based IT company Symetri has been bought by the Nordic-based solutions provider, Addnode Group.

Symetri, which employs 24 people locally, is a supplier of software for computer-aided design (CAD) and associated training and consulting services.

The acquisition of Symetri by the Addnode Group further strengthens the capacity and capability of Symetri in the UK with the creation of a new centre of manufacturing CAD excellence.

Symetri director, Colin Watson said:

“The integration of Symetri into Addnode Group’s international organisation provides enhanced opportunities for customers and the business itself.

“Existing Symetri customers benefit from being able to access broader understanding of and expertise in design and data management software.

“The acquisition also provides continuity for our customers, with existing account managers remaining in place.

“Indeed, looking forward the emphasis will be on ‘business as usual’.”

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