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On the “hunt for the pumps” with Yorkshire Water

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Yorkshire Water is inviting customers to go on a treasure hunt  for around 720 private sewage pumping stations which could help them save up to £1,200 per year in shared energy and maintenance costs.

From 1 October, 2016, a number of private sewage pumping stations will automatically transfer to Yorkshire Water ownership, under a new piece of Government legislation.

These pumping stations are currently the responsibility of residents or businesses and they  connect to the company’s sewerage network. Maintaining them could cost customers up to £1,200 a year – a cost which will be transferred to Yorkshire Water.

Over the next two years the Bradford based firm needs to ensure it has located and surveyed all the pumping stations it thinks are eligible in the region.

Dave Wilson, transfer manager at Yorkshire Water said; “We estimate that there are 720 private pumping stations in our region and currently we have identified around 560 sites.

“It’s really important that we locate and survey all the pumping stations in our area.

“That’s why we’re asking for customers right across the region to help us find them and potentially save themselves a lot of money at the same time.

“They literally could be anywhere, in your back garden, or on land next to your home or business, or just on the side of the road.

“Normally you will only see the steel access covers and a metal kiosk, usually green, which contains the electrical control equipment for the pumps. However, many of the controls are located in customers properties.”

Customers wishing to understand more about  private sewage pumping stations and what they look like can find information on the company’s website – or they can call call 0345 1 24 24 24.

An example of a Yorkshire Water pumping station

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