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Sister company of Leeds-based CCL completes work on $67m Lebanon skyscraper

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CCL Middle East, a subsidiary of Leeds-based CCL, has completed the post-tensioning works on the new headquarters of the Credit Libanais bank, in the Ashrafieh district of Beirut.

The $67 million Credit Libanais Tower is made up of two blocks, A and B. CCL carried out the design, supply, stressing and grouting of the post-tensioned slabs and beams throughout the structure.

CCL’s post-tensioning system incorporated flat plastic duct to provide enhanced corrosion protection as well as adding to the sustainability of the project.

Block A (Tower Building) has four basement floors, a ground floor and 33 upper floors, while Block B (Annex Building) is made up of seven basement floors, a ground floor, a mezzanine and two other floors.

The glass tower of Block A meets green construction standards, and is insulated against all external elements making it environment-friendly.

The building contains a restaurant, a gym and a children’s day care, while its parking can accommodate up to 2,000 vehicles.

Ten-metre-long intersecting cantilevered post-tensioned beams start at level eight and taper down to over 8.5-metres at the roof level.

Due to the addition of a 28-metre high mast on the tower roof the size of the cantilevered post-tensioned beams was increased to a depth of 2.1-metres; effectively tying the roof to the technical floor in order to support the forces resulting from the mast.

Alain Hakim, assistant general manager at Credit Libanais, said: “The rocket-shaped glass building meets green construction standards, and is insulated against heat, cold and humidity which will reduce the usage of air conditioners and thus help to preserve the environment.”

In addition to branches across the Lebanon, Credit Libanais has branches in Cyprus, Bahrain and Iraq, as well as a subsidiary in Senegal (Credit International) and a representative office in Montreal, Canada.

The architect for the project is the Erga Group and the main contractor is Man Enterprise.

Credit Libanais Headquarters
Credit Libanais headquarters

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