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Online Yorkshire estate agent undertakes myth-busting exercise

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Online Yorkshire estate agent has been doing a bit of myth-busting while helping to ensure a Harrogate property deal was saved from jeopardy.

Although progress on the sale of a flat in the popular Cornwall Rd area seemed to be going smoothly, problems arose between the legal teams on the verge completion. One side claimed not all the documents required had been produced, while the other was equally adamant it wasn’t their client who should foot the bill for sourcing them.

Suddenly, the process became protracted and at risk of collapse; at one point, even the vendor of the property admitted he’d had enough and was ready to pull out.

However, the team refused to give up, requested top-level dialogue with the legal firms and, after over 70 emails and almost 60 phone calls, managed to secure the sale, saving the buyer – who hadn’t paid them a penny – thousands of pounds in up-front fees which would have been forfeit if the sale hadn’t gone through.

“Our solicitors may have struggled with the process but the guys at were fantastic at ensuring communication between all sides and there is no doubt at all that, without them, the sale would have collapsed,” said buyer Paul Cuthbertson.

“Even on the last day, they were there to help us negotiate early entry to the property as our removal men were waiting outside and needed to get in,” said Mr Cuthbertson, whose full review you can read on independent website Trustpilot. (

Usually, an agent’s priority  is the vendor but MD David Rook said, on this occasion, the firm went above and beyond the usual line of duty for the buyer as it was also in their client’s interest to do so.

“We could have simply followed the vendor’s inclination, let this one slide and just started again but it was so frustrating as it was only posturing between the solicitors which was slowing everything down,” he said. “Why lose a good buyer when you never know how long it will take to find another?

“We put a lot of time and effort into keeping this one alive – contrary to what many would have you believe about online agents and how they operate.

“It’s a common myth that firms like ours just take your money, stick your property on the portals like Rightmove, sit back and do little else to earn their fee. After this saga, I’m pretty sure there will be at least two people prepared to testify differently.”

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