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Yorkshire business set to refresh the water market

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A new company, born out of Yorkshire Water, launches to the non-household water market this week. Operating from their UK head office in Barnsley, Three Sixty is part of the Kelda Group, and will be taking a distinctive approach to the market which is made up from over 1.2 million business customers across the UK.  

Building on the success Yorkshire Water, Three Sixty has been created to meet the specific needs of business customers nationwide and will offer a fresh approach to the water market, ahead of deregulation in April 2017. Which will mean all eligible businesses in England will have the freedom to choose their water and wastewater supplier. 

Robert Marrill, former director of Kelda Group’s non-regulated business Kelda Water Services Retail will lead the 120 strong Three Sixty team and the new offer for business customers throughout Yorkshire and nationally. 

Robert Marrill, managing director of Three Sixty, said: “Three Sixty is centred around adding value and helping businesses make water work for them, as seamlessly and cost effectively as possible. In launching this new company, we know that what matters most to our customers is the uninterrupted, day-to-day running of their own businesses and we are passionate about helping them achieve this. 

“In developing Three Sixty, we have learnt from all the attributes that made our sister company Yorkshire Water so successful and have applied them to this new company, putting customer service at the heart of everything we do.

“Three Sixty will, like Yorkshire Water, continue to be easy and straight forward to work with. We will provide real value for our business customers and build on the key strengths, expertise and decades of experience we have in the Three Sixty team.” 

Three Sixty will be working with businesses nationwide to help them save money, time, become more responsible, sustainable and reduce risk.

The Three Sixty team at their Barnsley head office

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