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From reporting to resurfacing for Leeds business change team

Pictured are Simon Bassindale, Sutton Bank National Park team member; Jo Kilburn, Joanne Breslin-Brooke and Abby Ward, Jordan Lane, Lois Lister, Laura Atkinson, Megan Isaac and Jessica Liversidge, all business change team, Leeds Building Society
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Volunteers from Leeds Building Society spent a day improving facilities for disabled visitors to Sutton Bank National Park Centre.

The 21 colleagues from the Change Delivery team took advantage of the volunteering scheme which allows all Society employees a day’s paid leave each year to help in the community.

Their activities included resurfacing a trail for wheelchair users by moving and laying gravel. They finished this task quickly so had enough time left to carry out the same work on a bike trail.

Lois Lister, from the Society’s Change Delivery team, said: “We all had a fantastic day at Sutton Bank National Park Centre working with North York Moors National Park staff to improve access for disabled visitors.

“It was a great opportunity to spend time with our team outside of work while also helping a good cause. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to arrange their own volunteering day.”

Simon Bassindale, from the North York Moors National Park, said: “It was great to welcome the Change Delivery team from Leeds Building Society to the North York Moors National Park.

“We had a fantastic day with good weather and hard graft and I was really pleased that the team completed repairs to our easy access trail.

“The trail is one of our most popular routes with all types of visitors, but as a consequence of this it needs resurfacing every two years to maintain the high access standards. With the help from Leeds Building Society that work has now been done.”

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