Sweden trip helps to spread the sign for Doncaster students

A group of teachers and support staff from the Doncaster have visited Sweden as part of an international Spread the Sign project.

The group from the Specialist Communication College Doncaster– part of Doncaster Deaf Trust, were led by Liz Deakin UK International Projects Coordinator for the college for the meeting with 13 other European partners to discuss the next phase of www.spreadthesign.com during 2013.

Spread the Sign is the dissemination in Europe of Vocational Sign Language.




Liz said:

Spread the Sign is a fantastic project; the web based translation tool provides the possibility to directly translate words and sentences into sign language and is shown as video clips. This will help deaf and hard of hearing people who rely on sign language for communication to gain employment across Europe.

Sign language differs from country to country and this project is about developing an international web based translation tool for sign language. It currently shows 70,000 signs in 15 different sign languages and access to the website is free. Spreadthesign is the largest dictionary of its kind in the world.

We were delighted to learn that the project has received further funding from the European Commission until June 2015 and look forward to working with partner organisations to populate the Spread the Sign website with new words and signs.

Liz was joined on the trip by members of the production team Mr Mike Breslin CAD Tutor, Sign Language Performer Mr Anthony Quinn, who took his hearing dog Dan along with him who was supported by Pathway learning Mentor Mr Chris Brawn.


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