Yorkshire MD challenges “doomsayers”

Paul MarshA North Yorkshire MD has challenged fellow business leaders from the region to remain bullish, despite fears of a “triple dip” recession in the wake of the UK’s GDP figures released last week.

Design and manufacturing firm GSPK Design Ltd spent the last quarter of 2012 completing deals which have helped to fuel modest expansion and secure employment at the company’s Knaresborough HQ for the foreseeable future.

But managing director Paul Marsh has been frustrated by negative forecasts made in the wake of last week’s news which he’s worried will only hamper the chances of a economic recovery.

Mr Marsh (right) said:

Doomsayers were quick to seize on the results as evidence that things are just as bad as they’ve been saying.

‘Experts’ and analysts have been threatening a triple-dip recession for months – in fact, some were predicting it before we’d even emerged from the double-dip.

And, of course, some of us will now be cursing the ‘experts’ for the unwelcome but inevitable self-fulfilling prophecy.


GSPK Design Ltd, which employs 12 people and is forecasting a £1.3 m turnover in 2013, has recently secured hi-tech design and manufacturing work with global engineering giant Alstom and renowned tool firm Torqueleader.

The contracts have allowed the firm to appoint an experienced sales manager to drive further growth with Phil Schofield joining from Advanced Innovations Ltd where he was head of the company’s European sales division. There are also plans for further recruitment, with an additional engineer’s post to be added to the workforce by the end of the year.

Mr Schofield said:

It’s a great time to join the firm.

The new contracts have helped to create a buoyant mood – and my job will be to ensure we sustain that optimism.

But Mr Marsh is warning gloomy forecasts of more tough times ahead may only serve to trample any green shoots of recovery.

Mr Marsh said:

There is a definite drive towards becoming a more entrepreneurial nation as a whole.

I don’t doubt high street retailers have been hit hard and the public sector is under severe scrutiny but the world has changed dramatically since 2006 and will continue to change at an equally rapid rate – and businesses everywhere need to be both more innovative and creative if they’re to keep pace.

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