Airport bid moves a step closer

The “mystery bidder” behind the move to buy and reopen Sheffield City Airport has made significant moves to bring the bid a step closer.

The local business man, who wishes to remain anonymous,  with extensive commercial interests within South Yorkshire and an existing portfolio within the aviation industry. All the necessary financial resources are ready and available and he has contacted the present owners of the airport site – Sheffield Business Park Ltd – with a view to beginning discussions on its acquisition.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), who have been campaigning to prevent the runway from being dug up to make way for a business park, are delighted at the developments.


Gordon Millward, FSB Regional Chairman, said:

This is great news for the Sheffield City Region. The reopening of the airport will provide local industry with the connectivity to service markets in the UK and Europe which will stimulate international trade in the region. We hope that the whole business community will now get behind the bid and ensure that no obstacles stand in the way of Sheffield City Airport becoming a reality once again.

The airport has lain dormant for five years: there are clearly no developers with an appetite for building a business park so it is high time the resource was put to good use in a way which will bring investment, wealth and jobs to the local economy.


The unnamed business man said: 

There are a number of hurdles which remain, not least of which is persuading the present owners to sell the site. I hope to meet with them shortly to discuss our respective interests and explore ways in which the airport can be brought back into service without losing any of the potential benefits that might have accrued from the alternative proposals.


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