Big step for Boroughbridge chiropodist

A tiny chiropody clinic in a North Yorkshire market town has become one of only three in the north able to offer patients a full analysis of their feet and a solution in minutes after becoming one of a handful in the UK to invest in cutting-edge technology.

Until recently, protractors and pens were the main tools of Julie Moorhouse’s trade at the Boroughbridge Chiropody clinic on the town’s Fishergate.

But, after a visit to a trade fair, she decided to make a leap of faith and become one of just 43 UK-based practices to invest in Finnish Footbalance technology which uses precise computer-based equipment to analyse issues with posture such as overpronation or excessive supination.

The equipment can then send a digital scan to a separate machine which uses the information to mould individually-designed insoles for each patient within minutes.

Julie said:

If they needed insoles, we used to send measurements or moulds away to manufacturers and wait for the insoles to be sent back by mail, which could take over a week.

With the new equipment, the whole process can be completed in less than an hour and the feedback we’ve had has been fantastic. Some customers have been telling us they feel like they’re walking on air!


The technology was perfected with the help of seasoned athletes in different disciplines who took part in tests which totalled several thousand hours before the equipment was made available to a wider market.

Julie added:

If you’re a runner, for example, you may already be familiar with terms like ‘overpronation’ but the same principles apply to everyone and, as a chiropodist, my job is to help educate patients about the risks of poor posture and that it can lead to all sorts of issues later in life – especially if it’s left uncorrected.


Other northern chiropody clinics using Footbalance technology are based in Sheffield and Manchester – and Julie admits the investment was significant.


Julie concluded:

However, after seeing the technology in action, I was convinced it was something I had to offer my customers. It means they can see for themselves where their podiatric problems lie – and we can offer them a solution in minutes.


Julie Moorhouse (2)
Chiropodist Julie Moorhouse


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