ACCA urges Chancellor to help region’s construction industry

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is urging Chancellor George Osborne to give the construction industry help, when he delivers his 2013 budget.

Andi Lonnen, president of ACCA’s Yorkshire Women’s Network, said:

The government has spoken about capital spending a number of times but as yet we’ve not seen clear plans. Without these firms cannot plan for the future, they can’t take on staff and get the supply chain moving

We’ve heard about the possibility of HS2 extending to Yorkshire eventually but that is decades away. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s areas such as Leeds underwent dramatic regeneration but that work has all but finished. Across the county there is a shortage of affordable homes and schools that are in need of work.

 She added:

Successive government have made commitments on affordable housing but failed to meet them. There are far too many young people who can’t get on the property ladder. We have the labour skills and kick-starting the construction industry would have a positive knock-on effect to the supply chain.

A lot of businesses depend on the success of the construction industry and too many are struggling to stay alive. The Chancellor may not be keen to give tax breaks to certain industries but maybe short term tax breaks could get this sector moving again. The long term effects of a short term break could far outweigh the cost.

Among other measures that the Chancellor could announce that would make a real difference to the prospect of Yorkshire businesses would be more help for smaller businesses to trade internationally.

The UK government have talked about the importance of trading beyond our borders, however, many smaller companies do not have the capacity or capability to make this happen. The government can and should help.


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