Scrapping beer tax escalator “brilliant” says Yorkshire brewer

Yorkshire brewer Simon Theakston has said the Chancellor’s decision to scrap the beet tax escalator, plus reducing tax on a pint by 1p, was a massive boost to the brewing industry and licensed trade.

Mr Theakston, executive director of Masham-based T&R Theakston said:

This is absolutely brilliant news.  I never thought I would see the day when I would be actually pleased by a Chancellor’s announcement about beer duty. By cutting the beer tax, he has given a massive boost to job prospects in Britain’s pubs at a time when it is most needed.

In also abolishing the Beer Tax escalator, the Chancellor has ended a hugely damaging policy that would have made Britain’s’ beer the most heavily taxed in Europe. it will protect thousands of jobs this year, and will allow us to create many new jobs in one of the Country’s proudest home-grown industries.

I would like to add my tribute to the huge number of licensees and members of the public who have supported this campaign; a Campaign which has united the industry and consumers and will start the much needed long term change that recognises the benefits of beer and pubs both urban and rural, for the economy, and for society. I shall be celebrating this evening with a pint of Yorkshire’s finest!

Simon Theakston
T&R Theakston executive director Simon Theakston

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