City is in thrall to corporate interest on airport debate, says FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) took its petition to prevent the further destruction of the former Sheffield City Airport for debate at yesterday’s full meeting of the Council.

The FSB delegation said it was disappointed by the outcome, which reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to a single South Yorkshire airport at Finningley, despite the clear and apparent evidence that Robin Hood Airport is failing to meet the needs of business travellers.

Gordon Millward, Regional Chairman of the FSB, commented:

The most distressing aspect of the FSB’s visit to the Council’s debating chamber was the sheer lack of vision and drive amongst elected representatives and their passionless adherence to party lines, even when the party line is demonstrably a lost and meaningless cause.

The only sign of engagement was when the party leaders hauled on the pulleys which hoisted the collective arms of their parties’ respective adherents in the air to vote.

We find ourselves questioning what Sheffield has done to deserve such somnolent leadership, so lacking in ambition or aspiration and so blissfully unaware of the city’s precariously uncompetitive predicament. The Council – which labels itself ‘business-friendly’ – is once again in thrall to corporate interests and is insular to reason or change.


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