Legend Club Management Systems rounds off third year of record growth

Legend Club Management Systems, the York-based supplier of leisure management software for public, private and educational leisure facilities across the UK, has announced another record annual result.

Sean Maguire, Managing Director of Legend Club Management Systems, said:

Although the leisure industry has been recession-resilient, the pressure on operators is evident all over.

As a result, in the last twelve months, we have seen a shift in our customers’ reasons for IT investment: The focus is now explicitly on Return on Investment and I believe that this is the reason for Legend’s success and growth this year. I think it’s a good thing which has helped us all work harder.

He added:

At Legend we have



key initiatives to make us more accurate in our service provision. We have stepped up customer engagement to ensure we provide exactly what customers want.

We have also re-engineered our implementation process. We spend more time upfront but can now ensure zero downtime between systems migration, switching on systems at 6:00 am on go-live day, which means that our customers benefit from reduced implementation costs and faster implementation times.

But possibly the most important thing we have done is invest in R&D. By being more responsive and more accurate we are providing Legend customers with the best software and the best support, ultimately enabling them to achieve faster ROI.

In the last months, Legend has accumulated numerous successful case studies demonstrating a faster return on investment for customers. In many cases Legend has assisted customers to drive the system advances into live operation, a unique benefit of working with Legend.

Customers recently adopting new technology solutions from Legend include Active Luton, Active Newham, Forest of Dean DC, Gosling Sports Park, Gymbox, Greenwich Leisure, Halo Leisure, Lincs Inspire, Life Leisure, Market Sports, Parkwood Leisure, Serco Leisure, Stevenage Leisure and Teignbridge DC, where Legend has driven benefits such as:

• rapid adoption of self-service initiatives through Smartphone Apps, online bookings, paperless join online, self administration, online invoice and debt settlement,

• improved direct debit submission and online membership financial management,

• greater customer insight to guide marketing and retention efforts,

• KPI reporting and automatic alerting that saves employees’ time and drives competitiveness, and

• carbon footprint reduction and associated cost savings.

For example, through working with Legend, Stockport Sports Trust has been able to substantially improve its direct debit performance, year-on-year like-for-like direct debit income up 19 per cent. Parkwood Leisure reduced administration effort on invoicing and debtor management by 80 per cent.

Lancaster University has been one of Legend’s best adopters of Smartphone Apps with over 65 per cent of all bookings being done by self-service within four weeks of launch.

Serco Leisure reduced utilities costs by 28 per cent using Legend PowerHouse monitoring and targeting software and now hopes to increase direct debit performance by 4 per cent by using Legend’s BACS Bureau.

In addition, several customers have seen a net increase in paid bookings since launching Legend’s social media integrated Smartphone Apps.

Driving the development of these solutions and their successful implementation is a large and growing team of people at Legend’s head office in York. In 2012 Legend’s team grew by a total of 16 staff to a total compliment of over 50. In 2013 the team is expected to grow by another 15 – 20 staff.

Mr Maguire said:

We are fortunate to be in a position to invest in a long-term commitment to our industry, which we are very proud of.

We have set aside significant capital investment for 2013 to ensure world class facilities, from our high availability multi data centre infrastructure hosting, including built in DR provision, with 24×7 support, to our aggressive investment in R&D, to ensure that the Legend solutions stay at the cutting-edge of the market.

We are proud to be able to guarantee customers a swift ROI when they switch to our systems. We feel we are delivering more accurately than the competition which we believe this is due to ambitious investment combined with innovative customer service strategies.

We are very pleased to have customers that are very forward-looking and generally seem to out-perform their competitors. It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve them better.


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