Job opportunities in Yorkshire on the rise

The Yorkshire jobs market continues to strengthen, growing by 8.16 per cent in the past year, according to the latest Reed Job Index.

The strongest performing sectors in Yorkshire and the Humber are currently estate agency, engineering, and transport and logistics, the latter of which is now offering 30 per cent more job opportunities than in January 2013.

Overall the Reed Job Index, the UK’s largest monthly measurement of employment opportunities, shows a 8.16 per cent growth in Yorkshire over the past year, compared with a 9.84 per cent increase nationally.

Salaries in the region have dipped slightly but are, broadly speaking, consistent with the rest of the UK.  The general trend continues to be towards pay being slightly lower than it was in 2012.

Martin Warnes, managing director of, said:

The latest Reed Job Index figures confirm that the employment market in Yorkshire is bouncing back from the effects of the recession, with the majority of sectors consistently offering more opportunities.

Since the unveiling of plans for a new, high-speed rail network in the UK, which will see a new station in Sheffield, Yorkshire has seen a particularly impressive influx of jobs in the transport and logistics sector and we’re optimistic that this sector will continue to expand as the project gets under-way later this year.

Though economic growth is proving to be slow, growth in the jobs market is supporting and strengthening a jobs-led recovery and has helped the UK to avoid sliding into a triple-dip recession.

The Reed Job Index is compiled by the UK’s number one job site, through analysis of job advertisement trends from over 10,000 recruiters throughout the UK tracked against a baseline of 100 established in December 2009.


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