Sheffield Chamber welcomes IKEA plans

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce has welcomed plans by retailer IKEA to develop a store in the city.

IKEA is looking to create a 37,000 sq metre facility on Sheffield Road, in the Lower Don Valley area, creating a potential 400 new jobs.

Sheffield Chamber executive director Richard Wright said:

We very much welcome these proposals.

We have always argued that Sheffield’s offering at Meadowhall and in the city centre are different, complimentary, and needed; and will generate regional wealth, jobs and further investment.

As a Chamber we will continue to push hard for the Sevenstone development to begin as soon as possible and assist wherever we can to get the right retail facilities in the city centre. It has taken too long for this to get started.

But we will also support plans, such as those proposed by IKEA and Next, for the Lower Don Valley area of the city. They very much compliment the offering at Meadowhall which is a regional facility and brings shoppers in from much further afield.

What the proposals do indicate is a significant need to boost transport infrastructure in the Lower Don Valley quickly, especially around Junction 34 of the M1. We must ensure that any retail enhancements and the creation of an Enterprise Zone are not constrained by inadequate traffic access.

IKEA will be staging consultation events on its Sheffield plans on May 19 and 20 at the Millennium Galleries.

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