Leeds City Region Partnership agrees Green Deal scheme for 12,000 homes

Eleven local authorities across the Leeds city region have agreed to work together to deliver the Government’s Green Deal initiative, enabling in the first few years more than 12,000 homes to make energy saving home improvements reducing bills and  carbon emissions.

The £100m Leeds City Region scheme could create over 600 new jobs in the 3 years and support up to 24,000 direct and supply chain jobs over the next twenty five years.

Coun Mehboob Khan, Leeds City Region lead on the Green Deal said:

We are taking a dynamic approach to tackling fuel poverty, reducing health inequalities and creating jobs.

Our scheme will be the largest in the country and our residents will be able to get a much better deal due to the economies of scale we are going to achieve by working collectively.

This is an effective way for businesses and residents to pay for energy efficient improvements such as insulation and new heating systems. No householder should be worse off financially and the charge is attached to the electricity meter, paid through the electricity bill and remains with the house if it is sold or re-let. Successive occupiers therefore pay for and have the benefit of the works carried out.

The Leeds City Region Partnership in association with Construction and Housing Yorkshire will be running an event on the April 29 specifically designed for local SME construction, heating, insulation companies and sole traders to learn about the scheme, how it will generate opportunities including training and accreditation. For further details please see www.leedscityregion.gov.uk

The Partnership will be looking for a delivery partner to set up and manage the Leeds City Region Green Deal programme. The procurement process will start in May 2013.

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