Strategic shuffle to boost growth in new markets for Wakefield firm

A Wakefield specialist glazing firm has made two strategic promotions to position itself for expansion and growth.

ICW (UK) Ltd has appointed Mick Broadhead, MD, to take over from founder Margaret Wood, while  Peter Haythorne has become Company Secretary.

Mick has been with ICW since the business started 20 years ago when he joined as shop floor manager with responsibility for  operations.

A career engineer he has been operations director working on the development of new products for the export market focussing on the clean room and food hygiene sectors.

These have demanded investment in new technologies, staff and premises and have led to contracts in the lucrative, but demanding,  US and Asian markets.

The business which employs five at its Tadman Street factory is now looking to expand into other overseas markets.

Mr Broadhead said:

We have recently updated some of our products and introduced new ones that existing clients told us they were looking for. We have always  been strong in industrial, office and entertainment, but recently clean room technologies, food production and scientific research have emerged as strong markets for us.

We have already demonstrated we can meet demands in these key areas but want to develop our offering with new and better products for these emerging clients.  At the same time we want to ensure we continue to take care of existing customers and develop products which meet their needs.

Mick Broadhead ICW MD (2)
Mick Broadhead

Peter Haythorne is an engineering graduate from Sheffield Hallam University who has worked at ICW for eight years. He joined the business to develop new products for new business areas including the scientific and research sectors.

Margaret Wood said:

ICW is committed to further growth in new and expanding markets such as research, clean room and food production while maintaining innovation in our core industrial and corporate markets.

Both Mick and Peter have been with us some years and understand what our customers need and how we can bets tailor that to suit their needs while developing new products for more clients in fresh markets.  Their appointments will enable ICW (UK) Ltd to consolidate existing markets and open up new ones.

margaret wood pic
Margaret Wood (left)


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