Ex-cop’s fires off a short shot

Caffeine Nights has announced the publication of a series of short stories from its authors falling under Caffeine Nights “Short Shots” imprint.

The first in the series “Reap what You Sow – From the Case Notes of DS Hunter Kerr” by Michael Fowler, has just been published and is available in Kindle and ePub format in leading eBook stores including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Michael’s short story complements his two D.S. Hunter Kerr crime fiction novels ‘Heart of the Demon’ and ‘Cold Death’ both published by Caffeine Nights. Michael’s experience of 32 years serving for South Yorkshire police adds to the authenticity of the novels and short stories he writes.

He retired as a detective inspector of South Yorkshire Police in 2006 and now works as a full-time author and painter. The new short stories are aimed as an introduction to characters from the novels to readers but work as standalone short stories.

Short Shots will be made available only in electronic format and available on all popular digital platforms.

Darren Laws, CEO of Caffeine Nights said:

“These stories are exclusive sneak peeks into the lives of the characters in the novels and ideal as an introduction to the author’s longer work.

“There is a real art to crafting something that has to be a complete journey but compact, thrilling or funny but always entertaining.

“With these ‘Short Shots’ we want readers to want to know more about the characters in the stories and make the transition to reading the novels. We are also adding the first couple of chapters of the associated novels with each Short Shot.”

The first in the series ‘Reap what You Sow – From the Case Notes of D.S. Hunter Kerr’ by Michael Fowler is now available to download from all major platforms and is available as a free download on Kobo and Apple’s iTunes and from 77p on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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