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Networking? We’ve got an App for that!

A firm of web and mobile developers from has created a new app for a national networking organisation.

Appware, based at Business Park on the outskirts of Leeds, was asked to develop the first ever app for 4Networking.

Managing director , from Clifford near , said:

“One of the big advantages of joining 4Networking is that once you’re a member, you can go to any of the meetings around the country.

“If you’re a member based in Leeds but you happen to be in Bristol, you can go to a meeting there and it doesn’t cost any more.

“However, although the details of all the meetings were on the website, 4N needed an app which people could use quickly and easily to find meetings around the country and I was very happy to help.”

The new app includes a map showing the nearest meetings to wherever the user is, a list of upcoming meetings across the country and a description of each meeting, including where it takes place and whether it is a breakfast, lunch or evening meeting.

Users can also book a place at any of the meetings through the app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Richard has been a member of 4N for just over two years and is an area leader, looking after meetings in , Wetherby and Leeds (Yeadon). Until recently, his business was based in Wetherby, but he has recently expanded to new offices at the Icon building in Thorpe Park, which was the greenest building in the when it was built in 2007.

He said 30 per cent of his business comes from his connections in 4N, which has more than 10 groups within a 15 mile radius.

To find out more about joining 4N, visit or, to see the app or download it, visit

4N App pic 1
Appware managing director Richard Eaton

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