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FSB urges small firms to boost sales and jobs by engaging customers via the web

Research by the Federation of Small Businesses () shows that one in four UK small firms risk being uncompetitive by not having their own website.

As a consequence jobs and growth on local high streets could be under threat.

With most small firms unable to compete with the advertising budgets of bigger companies, the FSB research shows that one in four small businesses operate without a website while only a third of firms with a website use for sales.

The FSB believes this is a missed opportunity for small firms who could use a website to attract new customers and bring new customers and jobs to the high street.

The FSB has recently re-launched its Keep Trade Local campaign to highlight the need to save the UK’s local stores and is supporting (13-19 May 2013). is calling on UK shoppers to ‘Take the Pledge’ and buy three things from their high street or local shop or use a local service.

, , Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“Once the high street starts to go into decline it can be difficult to revive. But with the right measures from councils and local authorities the tide can be turned. We are supporting Local Business Week and its pledge for shoppers to buy three things on their local high street.

“However, we also want to see small firms maximise the opportunities that presents, so they can be competitive and grow their business and have a positive impact on the communities they rely on for business.”

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