New Recovery Department at Wilson Field

Wilson Field has streamlined the company’s management of cash recoveries into the business to aid the firm’s continued growth.

The business turnaround and insolvency specialist has launched its Recoveries Department that will now be a centralised money collection point for all payments into the business.

Wilson Field has made two new appointments due to the expansion, with the division headed up by Kat Richardson-Green, who has been appointed as recoveries manager

Nick Wilson, managing director at Wilson Field, said:

“We are always looking at ways we can expand and improve our operations and this is our next step in streamlining how our collections are run.

“The Recoveries Department will co-ordinate recovery of payments into the business and in turn enhance the efficiency of distributions to creditors.”

The Recoveries Department is based at Wilson Field’s headquarters in Sheffield, and is now a central point for fee recovery, asset payments, case related book debts for corporate cases, with the intention to expand across the Wilson Field business to incorporate Voluntary Arrangement collections.

Kat, whose background is in pre-court unsecured debt collection, said:

“This is an exciting new department for Wilson Field that has a lot of potential.

“We have always done collections in the business but they have always been dotted about depending on what collection we do.

“Now this new department will co-ordinate and control all money recovered from areas like assets, book debts as well as handling any late payments.”

Recoveries dept
The new Recoveries Department team, from left, Katie Goulding, Bradley Sanderson and Kat Richardson-Green

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