Town centres can be revitalised, says FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) says half of independent retailers think their town centre is performing “poorly” and is backing calls for closer ties between small firms and local authorities, to boost spending on the high street.

The FSB is calling for local decision-makers to have closer relationships with small firms, to boost the economy of local high streets.

Research by the FSB shows half, 53 per cent, of small firms in England think their town centre is currently performing “poorly”.

Seventy per cent believe better links between themselves and their local authorities would have a positive impact on their high street.

These small firms believe that initiatives including; businesses relocating to town centres, 60 per cent, flexible opening hours, 38 per cent, and more “Pop-up” stores, 37 per cent, should also be part of key plans to revitalise high streets.

It comes as the FSB backs Local Business Week calling on UK shoppers to buy three things from their high street.

The FSB has also recently re-launched its Keep Trade Local campaign to highlight the need to save local stores.

Gordon Millward, Regional Chairman, Federation of Small Businesses, said: 

“Reviving town centres from decline is possible with the right measures from councils and local authorities.

“We want improved dialogue and co-operation between independent retailers and their local decision-makers, so they can work jointly on improving their town centres.

“Attracting new businesses and shoppers is one way to ensure the survival of small businesses, which is why we are supporting Local Business Week and its pledge for shoppers to buy three things on their local high street.”

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