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Green Deal: Potential £57 Million Worth Of Opportunities For Local Businesses

The could be worth as much as £57 million to ’ construction industry, businesses attending a meeting have heard.

The event organised by Construction & Housing Yorkshire (CHY) – and attended by more than 135 representatives of firms from across the region – provided an update on the potential opportunities it could deliver for local individuals, as well as micro and businesses.

Region’s Green Deal initiative is due to commence in April 2014, and aims to carry out work on a minimum of 12,000 dwellings in its first three years, though at present there are not enough installers within the region to carry out this work.

The £80million scheme is expected to create over 600 new jobs in this three year period, and support up to 24,000 direct and supply chain jobs over the coming 25 years.

CHY – an arm of regeneration , re’new –  have been contracted by the Leeds City Region team to devise the Social Strategy for this project.

CHY Director, , said:

“We were very pleased by the attendance of the event and it clearly demonstrates that there is a real interest in this new initiative.

“The partnership involved, if working correctly, can provide a wealth of opportunities for local businesses and installers in the supply chain.

“The event was very honest about the risks of getting involved. Whilst  there is a large amount of work to be done, and we want to encourage involvement, obviously we can’t guarantee how these contracts will be distributed.

“In bringing the experts, including local businesses, together to discuss the project, we have learnt a great deal and now have more of an understanding of how all the individual elements will come together as a whole.

He added:

“The project will save home-owners money, create and sustain local jobs and it reduces our environmental impact as a region and a country.

“We will continue to work on this project to ensure that the Leeds City region – a hugely important economic centre for the – is at the forefront of green, sustainable development.”

“Delivering the Green Deal”, which was run in conjunction with the Leeds City Region partnership, was held at Leeds’ White Rose Conference Centre.

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