NG Bailey completes new £150M dairy energy centre

NG Bailey has completed its second phase of work at Arla’s new flagship dairy in Aylesbury – delivering an innovative, purpose-built, energy centre.

Measuring 90m long x 60m wide – equivalent to 20 tennis courts – the energy centre is fundamental to the reliable and successful operation of the dairy and the processing of one billion litres of British milk every year.

NG Bailey has completed all mechanical and electrical services work to the energy centre, utilising innovative offsite manufacture techniques and 3D modelling to deliver a bespoke solution.

The new energy centre will generate the services required to operate the dairy, including steam and low pressure hot water. Utilising waste heat from two combined heat and power plants, it will produce more than 14 mega watts of connected heat output – enough to heat over 2,000 homes.

In addition, using ammonia refrigeration, over 7.5 mega watts of cooling capacity – enough to cool 150,000 fridges – will provide iced water for process and cooling of HVAC loads.  An 11KV sub-station generates an electrical load of 6.5 mega watts for the energy centre alone – enough to power 130,000 televisions – supporting a facility that will then process and package the one billion litres of milk.

Produced at NG Bailey’s purpose built offsite manufacturing facility, the bespoke service solution for the energy centre includes six heavy duty plant skids, six high level multi-service frames and two heavy duty, floor standing, multi-service frames – all of which were installed by a team of two operatives in less than two weeks.

Positioned and installed using lorry mounted cranes within the energy centre itself, each plant skid was fully piped and electrically wired, and had built-in distribution boards, invertors and BMS control panels to minimise further works and commissioning on site.

Speaking about the project, Paul Beeton, project lead at NG Bailey, said:

“This is a major milestone in the development of the £150m dairy. The work that we are undertaking on this project will act as the blueprint for all future Arla dairies, so it was important to get it right first time.

“For NG Bailey, our journey of innovation continues. The commissioning programme will start next month and the energy centre will be fully functional before July.”

Once complete, the £150m fresh milk dairy will be the biggest and one of the most environmentally advanced in the world. NG Bailey, through its Facilities Services division will also operate and maintain the entire facility for a minimum of 15 years.

The first phase of work at the dairy was completed in October 2012 and included the design, build and installation of the 204m prefabricated main services distribution corridor, equating to around 70 per cent of the total main services distribution required to operate it.

Arla energy centre 2
The newly-completed Arla energy centre

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