Team work in the kitchen feeds back into business

Collaboration, leadership and time management are just a few of the skills that business people can learn from working in a kitchen environment.

That is the view of Kate Clarkson, the owner of YORK Cookery School, who, together with her husband Fraser, has recently launched bespoke team building events at the School to give co-workers an opportunity to learn more about each other and themselves through a tempting cooking challenge.

Corporate teams in the kitchen
YORK Cookery School

Kate said:

“Taking business people out of their usual work environment and their established roles is often very revealing. Those who lack confidence in the workplace may discover they can lead in a cookery class and are seen in a new light.

“For others managing the challenge of working co-operatively to prepare a three-course meal for 12 people takes them out of their usual comfort zone and tests their mettle under pressure.”

The options to be creative and have fun cover every type of cuisine and can also include cocktail mixing, chocolate making and cake decoration but enjoying the food together is an essential part of the learning process.

Each team building event can be designed to meet specific objectives. One group that requested a competitive challenge were invited to create the dishes for an Indian banquet and voted to find the winning dish.

Unlike many team building events, a cookery class offers flexibility on time, especially useful for business people, as classes can be a couple of hours, a half or a whole day.

Kate Clarkson head and shoulders
Kate Clarkson, the owner of YORK Cookery School


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