Charity helps over 50s in Huddersfield explore self-employment

A national charity dedicated to helping unemployed over 50s explore self-employment is coming to Huddersfield to host a series of business training courses to help people start up their own businesses.

The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) is planning to host two separate business training courses, a one-day workshop on Friday, 7 June, and another three-day workshop beginning later this year in September.

Recent figures provided by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that self-employment is gaining popularity with 4.2 million (14 per cent) self-employed workers nationwide, an increase of 367,000 in four years.

There are currently 23,900 self-employed workers in Kirklees and PRIME promotes self-employment as a viable route into sustained employment, which could be a possible alternative for the2,300 unemployed over 50s in the area.

The one-day workshop on 7 June is designed to help people decide if becoming self-employed is the right option. For those who want to go on and seek further assistance in the practical skills of setting up a business, such as researching a business idea and planning finances, can attend a longer course which begins on 5 September, delivered over six to eight weeks, including three classroom days.

David Broadhead, of Partners in Management, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with PRIME again in Huddersfield as we share a similar ethos around helping the over 50s develop the necessary skills and attitudes to find alternative routes into employment.

“Mature people have the right skills and experience to make a positive contribution and training courses like the one organised by PRIME will help people over the age of 50 explore even more possibilities.”

Terry King, Northern Development Manager, said:

“The number of unemployed over 50s is steadily rising and this is a worrying trend as people are living longer and therefore need to work longer. At PRIME we believe that there is an alternative for those who think there is no hope in the job market and that is self-employment.

“We help mature people gain the practical skills to go on to set-up a sustainable business and evidence shows that the over 50s are more likely to make a success of it, building upon their years of accumulated skills and experience.”

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