Yorkshire Water publishes preliminary results

Yorkshire Water Services Limited has published its preliminary announcement of results for the year ending 31 March 2013.

Commenting on the company’s results, Richard Flint, the Chief Executive of Yorkshire Water, said:

“These results reflect another solid year for the company, its customers and investors.

“The flexibility of the region’s water supply system ensured that we were able to minimise the impact of last year’s extreme weather events on our customers and the environment alike.

“We have kept operating costs under control, have significantly out-performed our leakage reduction targets and our focus on pollution prevention means we continue to make strong progress in this area.”

Customers benefitted from continuing investment in the region’s water supply system, with no restrictions being placed on their use of water supplies despite some 20 million customers in other parts of the UK being subject to hosepipe bans.

The flexibility of the regional grid system ensured that public water supplies were unaffected and we were also able to utilise it to protect the environment.

During this Asset Management Period (ending in 2015), Yorkshire Water has delivered innovative energy schemes and improvements to the water network, which will directly benefit customers.

He added:

“We will have re-invested over £123m above and beyond the capital programme allowed for in customer prices at the last price review.

“Looking ahead, we will be talking to customers and stakeholders in detail preparing for Ofwat’s PR14 price review process.

“This summer we are widening engagement with the region as a whole by carrying out our largest ever customer engagement exercise.”

The preliminary results and Chairman’s announcement is available via www.yorkshirewater.com/reports

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Yorkshire Water’s Richard Flint

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