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Suits swap desks for white knuckle rides at Yorkshire attraction

Yorkshire business benefactors are turning their backs on the boardrooms to join  500 inner city kids on some white knuckle rides at .

Members of have turned their talents to creative fund raising to organise the trip for kids with learning difficulties and from disadvantaged backgrounds to the theme park for an all expenses paid trip.

The youngsters, from all around Yorkshire, will have free rein of  the thrills and spills at the top attraction as they have it all to themselves on June 12.

Backed by the women of , the Rotarians raised £8,000 for the daytrip and persuaded hundreds of their members to give up a day in the office to support their guests.

Willie Clark, who is MD of Shipley based Partline, said it was the highlight of the year for not just the children.

He said:

“We know the kids get a  lot out of it they tell us and their carers always say it is a great event for them but to be honest or members look forward to it too,” he said.

“it gives us a chance to see our work in action because much our money is used after we have given it away.

“The children get to go on all the rides, run around in the fresh air and have all the treats they might not normally be able  to enjoy.

“We ask our members to volunteer to come along but they don’t need much persuading.  They love it.”

This year Emerald Publishing of Bingley sponsored a large part of the event,  which is months in planning and preparation, as children are nominated by Rotary groups across Yorkshire.


“Keith Howard is a Rotarian and was delighted to back us this year, which is great.”

Yorkshire businesses are funding a day for disadvantaged children at Lightwater Valley

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