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Fodder celebrates fourth birthday

Fodder – the food shop and cafe located at the has celebrated its fourth birthday.

Since its inception in 2009, Fodder has grown from strength to strength and now sells produce from over 350 local farmers and suppliers.

Managing director, said:

“Fodder is one of the initiatives that the has launched to help improve farming in our region. Fodder was created to champion and sell the very best food and drink from Yorkshire and make easily accessible to consumers, at a fair price.

“Four years on, we have learnt a great deal about retailing and succeeded in supporting hundreds of local farmers and producers and are blessed with wonderfully loyal customers.

“There is still more to do and we look forward to continuing to work with our suppliers and increase awareness of the benefits and sales of locally produced food.”

Over four years, Fodder has won four prestigious national awards, including The Visit England Taste of England Award and employs more than 50 members of staff. Fodder has served 91,597 cups of Yorkshire Tea in the café (never mind what the staff have drunk!).

Customers have bought enough sausages that laid end to end would stretch from to Bolton Abbey. Sales of ’s Free Range Eggs from Burton Leonard have topped 91,250 boxes and 88,943 litres of milk have been sold which has kept the dairy cows in Grassington in a job!

The Fodder team celebrate their fourth birthday

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