Comunication specialists improve multi-site operation

Leeds-based information and communication specialists CDS have invested heavily in their telecommunications to enhance their internal operation and improve service to clients.

CDS operate eight offices across the UK and has 170 employees with half based in Leeds. Its core business is in helping organisations to improve the way they communicate and how they manage, store and publish information.

The company has invested some £40,000 in a new telephone system at three of its offices – Leeds, Cheltenham and Belfast – and is already seeing a return on its investment.

The new system – installed by Wakefield-based NGC Networks – covers telephone equipment with advanced features such as voicemail to email functionality and a global address book. NGC’s solution is also providing CDS with significant savings on its costs for lines and calls which is helping to offset the investment in the new telephone system.

Commercial director Guy Van Lopik said:

“It’s important as an organisation operating several offices that those sites are well connected and that staff at each of them feel they are part of the internal communications system.

“Our telephone system in Leeds was very old and needed replacing and by doing that and the same in Cheltenham and Belfast, we have vastly improved communication between staff and particularly those working on joint projects.”

NGC director Dean Harrop said:

“CDS started with a standalone solution in Leeds which has now grown into a multi-site telephone system solution which has resulted in free calls between sites and vastly improved contact ability between these sites.

“Good internal communications are vital to the running of every business – especially those with several locations – and not only improve the way you operate but ultimately result in better customer service to clients.”

Dean Harrop
Dean Harrop

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