Businesses help to create brighter Boroughbridge

Businesses are helping to brighten up the streets of the North Yorkshire market town of Boroughbridge this summer as part of a new community project.

Brighter Boroughbridge was founded by Coun John Goss, after he raised the issue of the area’s attractiveness at a town council meeting.

Now, with help from his wife, Hazel, Coun Goss has recruited a group of volunteers and is working with organisations including Boroughbridge Chamber of Trade to improve floral displays and keep the local streets looking their best during the busy summer months.

Mrs Goss said:

“John had been feeling for a long time – especially since the celebrations for the jubilee last year – that Boroughbridge didn’t shine as much as other towns and villages.

“We had an initial meeting to do something about it which was quite well attended, so we decided to have a second meeting and get a proper group going with a constitution. That’s how Brighter Boroughbridge was formed.”

An initial grant from the Boroughbridge Lions helped to get things started, along with support from Harrogate Borough Council’s parks and gardens team.

Businesses have also been keen to get involved and many have taken up the offer of some extra hanging baskets for the summer.

Mrs Goss added:

“Harrogate Council already provides so many hanging baskets because we’re in their area, Then, there’s another 25 which can be bought at a reduced rate. That’s where Brighter Boroughbridge and Boroughbridge Chamber of Trade came in – we encouraged the businesses to buy the extra baskets and get things looking even better.

“When they buy the baskets, watering is included in the price from Harrogate Borough Council for the whole season, so traders don’t have to worry about it. All the flowers are just blooming, so they’re really starting to look lovely now.”

Barbara Lambert, the president of Boroughbridge Chamber of Trade who has been working with Brighter Boroughbridge from the start, said:

“It was really nice for those of us who had never been asked if we wanted a basket to be able to say: ‘Yes please!’.

“We’ve got them all over town now, outside lots of the businesses, and Aldborough, Boroughbridge and Dunsforth WI has even paid to put one on a lamppost on the Aldborough Road.”

Other projects have included work on a corner of Chatsworth Grove which belongs to Harrogate Council and had previously only had a few spring-flowering shrubs in it. With support from the parks team, members of Brighter Boroughbridge put together plans to spruce it up and make it attractive throughout the year.

The team of volunteers can be seen out and about in Boroughbridge on a regular basis, weeding and pruning and making sure the high standard is maintained.

Visitors to Boroughbridge will be able to see the hanging baskets and other floral displays throughout the summer, as well as visiting the many independent shops, businesses and other attractions in the town.

Coun Goss and Boroughbridge Chamber of Trade president Barbara Lambert-Hill with some of the hanging baskets now on show in the town

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