Retailers help stamp out counterfeit currency

Hambleton and Richmondshire retailers are helping stamp out counterfeit currency.

The two districts have recently experienced professional teams from out of the area visiting local shops and using counterfeit £20 notes.

The Hambleton and Richmondshire Community Safety partnership has teamed up with North Yorkshire Police to distribute counterfeit detection pens to shops across the two areas.

Police Community Support Officer, Angie Preston, said:

“They were entering shops and handing over a fake £20 note to buy as little as possible, therefore gaining maximum profit.

“The pens are a simple and fast way to detect fake notes – by simply drawing a line across the note, genuine notes will show a clear line and counterfeit notes show a black, brown or purple line which will not fade out.

“The pens were gratefully received by the shop owners and have been well used!”

counterfeit detection pensA
PCSO Angie Preston is pictured with Fiona Robertson from Stokesley Chip Shop (which was one of the shops targeted with a fake £20 note) trying out one of the new pens

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