Sheffield’s largest private hospital appoints new executive director

The largest private hospital in Sheffield, BMI Thornbury Hospital, has appointed a new executive director.

David Mills, 47, from Bolton, moves from his role as executive director of BMI The Lancaster Hospital, to head up BMI Thornbury Hospital.

He brings to Sheffield a wealth of knowledge and experience. As well as having a financial background in the construction industry for over 20 years – he worked in commercial finance for BMI Healthcare in the North Region – David also once ran his own high-end deli in Manchester.  This gives him a strong understanding of delivering a premium service.

David said:

“BMI Thornbury Hospital has a strong heritage of providing fine quality care in a private hospital setting. I want to build on that foundation and make sure that Thornbury is at the forefront of care serving the community.”

David has already seen some developments since joining BMI Thornbury Hospital.  The hospital was recently recognised as a ‘friend’ of the Company of Cutlers, one of the oldest and most renowned establishments in the region.

The Company of Cutlers – which maintains the standing of Sheffield’s world-famous manufacturing industry – supports local businesses in Sheffield.  They award ‘Friend’ status to carefully selected organisations which lead in their field of expertise.

BMI Thornbury Hospital also has historical links with the Company of Cutlers.  It was built by and home to Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin who occupied the role of Master Cutler in 1855.

The hospital also recently reached a significant milestone, as long-serving staff collectively notched up over 1,300 years of service.  Nearly 150 members of staff, from chefs to nurses, were recognised at the Long Service Awards, with years of service ranging from five to 30 years.

The hospital is undergoing major investment to ensure that it maintains its position as a provider of premium healthcare for the local community.

As well as being the largest private hospital in Sheffield, BMI Thornbury Hospital is home to the Gamma Knife Radio Surgery Centre.

Gamma Knife is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for brain tumours, blood vessel deformities in the brain, and nerve pain.

Gamma knife uses precisely focussed radiation beams to target areas of the brain without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.  BMI Thornbury Hospital is one of only six centres to provide Gamma Knife treatment.

BMI Thornbury Hospital has 238 contract staff and approximately 255 consultants.  The hospital has a variety of specialties including orthopaedics, gynaecology, weight loss surgery, general surgery and oncology.

David Mills
David Mills

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