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Majority of Yorkshire workers feel secure in their job – survey

Almost half of workers in Yorkshire and the Humber (47 per cent) are either looking for a new job or planning a move in the next 12 months, which is higher than the national average (43 per cent).

The Local Salary and Market Insight report, which canvassed the attitudes of 1,500 employers and employees across the , reveals an increased sense of confidence among the workforce, with nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of workers feeling secure in their jobs.

According to the REED report, the majority of workers in Yorkshire (63 per cent) are satisfied in their roles, compared to an average of 67 per cent for the rest of the UK.

The findings come amid a flurry of reports indicating a more positive footing for the jobs market and the wider UK economy.

Faith in the local economy is lagging slightly behind the rest of the UK, with 24 per cent of Yorkshire workers confident that the country could create jobs and boost the economy compared to 28 per cent nationally.

, regional director at REED, said:

“Undoubtedly this is still a challenging time, but is encouraging to see so many workers in Yorkshire feeling secure in their roles.

“This sense of confidence is perhaps borne out in the number of job seekers, who feel that the market is stable enough to make the next move.”


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