Heatwave helps sausage makers’ sales sizzle

A Yorkshire sausage makers’ sales are sizzling thanks to the heatwave.

Bedale-based farming couple Debbie and Andrew Keeble have sold over one million packs of their HECK sausages since they went on sale in April this year.

 Andrew said:

“With our Tesco supermarket listing we were confident to hit £2 million sales in the first year but the recent weather has sent our sales through the roof.

“When the sun shines, the BBQ comes out and people have been stocking up on our sausages so we’re delighted with the progress so far.”

With all hands on deck at the Masham factory where the sausages are made, the family are currently making 200 sausages a minute and over 400,000 a week to cope with demand.

It seems people can’t enough of their tasty recipes made with top quality British pork and simple, fresh ingredients, and the fact that the whole range is gluten-free so even Coeliacs, the gluten-intolerant and people choosing to cut carbs from their diet don’t have to miss out on a good sausage in the sunshine!

HECK is the new venture from the pig farmers turned sausage makers, who walked away from the company that bore their name earlier this year because of loss of control over quality and provenance. They have gone back to the kitchen table with their grown up family to develop a 21st century range of sausages with lots of new varieties in all shapes and sizes.

They’re now also close to bringing all of their pork sourcing back to Yorkshire which will be a real boost for local farmers.

Andrew added:

“Our customers were ready for a new premium sausage range and we’ve been sampling thousands of people at all the county shows.

“We are hoping to launch our square sausages into retailers which are great for barbecues and have lots of exciting ideas for Christmas, including a new lower fat chicken sausage recipe.

“It’s great as lots of our old customers are realising we are behind the HECK range and are coming back to give our new sausages a try.”


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