Two Leeds organisations develop unique running race entry system

Two Leeds-based businesses have joined forces to develop a unique online entry system for running races across the country.

Running services company RaceBest, based in Headingley, commissioned the system from software developers NewRedo, headquartered in the Round Foundry Media Centre, Holbeck.

The system went live after only 25 days’ development, in a process tailored specifically to entrepreneurs.

RaceBest is operated by directors Martin Browne and Lynn Taylor, two experienced runners.

Mr Browne said:

“Most entrants would like to sign-up for races via this kind of online system, as it’s more convenient and cheaper for them and organisers than using traditional methods.

“Some home- grown systems exist, but many races still expect entrants to download and print traditional forms.

“What makes our system better is its ease and speed-of-use, plus runners can browse and enter races on their smart phones, tablets or PCs.

“The site provides organisers with a big race online presence at a small race price.”

NewRedo is spearheaded by experienced and successful software developers Royd Brayshay and Phill Luby.

Mr Brayshay said:

“Everything on the RaceBest system runs in the cloud and it’s built to scale for large events. We’ve paid great attention to factors such as clean URLs, to help search engine optimisation.

“The system is also very attractive – with a contemporary design and particularly clear landing pages – and is welcoming and friendly, with modern, simple usability and functionality that’s still growing.”

NewRedo specialises in helping start-up businesses reach the market quickly, economically and with reduced risk.

Offering a highly viable alternative to traditional software providers, available from only a handful of suppliers globally, the company specialises in reducing a vision to its essentials.

It says it can take start-ups to market, fairly typically with only 25 days’ development and for less than the cost of a family car while, critically, also allowing them to understand their customers better.

Mr Brayshay added:

“The software we’ve written for RaceBest is an example of what’s possible using our approach, specifically targeted at start-up business where every penny spent counts.

It’s vital to get early customers and learn what they need before the money runs out.”

Explaining the reasons for NewRedo’s appointment, Mr Browne said that from day one, the company understood what RaceBest wanted to achieve.

He said:

“They immediately ‘got’ the brief and vision, where other software providers struggled. Royd, Phill, Lynn and I quickly gelled as a team which made their time and ours highly productive.

“NewRedo also provided a very refreshing way to work.

“Our experience of writing detailed software specifications for major systems development that failed to deliver on time or to brief had ‘scarred’ us, so NewRedo’s agile approach was just what we wanted, freeing us up to focus on growing the business.

“With them, the whole process was quick and painless and eminently affordable.”

Mr Browne and Ms Taylor are members of Leeds-based Abbey Runners and approved RunEngland fitness leaders.

They organise and lead beginners’ running groups and volunteer at many races throughout the region. Mr Browne was race director of this month’s Ring Automotive Eccup 10 road race in north Leeds.

RaceBest’s system is currently hosting entries for the re-launched Bradford City Runs, on October 27, and the Great Yorkshire Stair Climb, in Leeds’ 32-storey Bridgewater Place, Yorkshire’s tallest building, on November 22.

Race organisers can list events on the RaceBest system, and entrants are then able to register, via

NewRedo and RaceBest 1
(from left) Royd Brayshay from NewRedo, Lynn Taylor from RaceBest, Martin Browne from RaceBest and Phill Luby from NewRedo

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