West Yorkshire restaurant’s new guests pig out on kitchen leftovers

A Yorkshire chef has gone the whole hog to recycle his kitchen scraps at his Holmfirth restaurant and tearoom.

Vegetable waste and cooking leftovers from the Spiced Pear Hepworth restaurant’s kitchen, are now snuffled away by four new rare-breed pigs that live in the gardens.

The 13-week old Gloucester Old Spot and Pietrain crosses – named Chop, Sausage, Del and Rodney (Trotter, of course!) – have spent the last few weeks enjoying regular supplies from the fine dining kitchen and Tim says they also make the perfect lawnmowers.

Head chef Tim Bilton, whose son Henry feeds the pigs every day after school, said: 

“We’ve bought them in to clear the land around the restaurant so we can eventually put in raised beds and an orchard to grow our own produce – but they’re certainly much more fun than a lawnmower or a dustbin!

“They’re putting on lots of weight and have already started running over to us when they see the ‘slop bin’ after service.”

But Tim adds that the porky new residents, brought from Carl Slingsby’s Greedy Little Pig farm up the road, are not without their challenges.

He added:

“Despite putting in an electric fence, we have had a few ‘great escapes’. Luckily we’ve managed to save the bacon however!”

Tim opened the doors to The Spiced Pear Hepworth in Sheffield Road in May, turning the former Hepworth Restaurant into an exceptional venue that comes complete with fine dining restaurant, stunning 1940s inspired Fourteas Tearoom and cocktail bar with grand piano.

Tim Bilton with son Henry and the new pigs at The Spiced Pear

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