Yorkshire digital firm builds Australian portfolio

A Yorkshire digital marketing company is taking advantage of globalisation and the strong Australian economy to win repeated business Down Under.

Hebden Bridge-based We Love the Web has a number of clients in Australia, including weight loss brand Celebrity Slim, sports nutrition company Redbak and women’s fitness supplement brand Ladybird.

We Love the Web says technological advancements mean geographical distances are no longer a limitation. This, coupled with a strong Australian dollar, means companies like We Love the Web are winning business.

Frank Fenten, managing director of We Love the Web, said:

“Outsourcing contracts to the UK is often a cheaper option than local recruitment. We’re helping clients gain a competitive advantage and reduce their cost base.

“We’ve been building our Australian portfolio for over a year. With quantitative easing our currency is worth 25 per cent less than it was a couple of years ago.

“We were good value for Australian companies back then so the savings are phenomenal now.

“In the past three years we’ve also witnessed incredible advances in technology. Working directly with companies on the other side of the world is entirely manageable.

“Free telecommunication tools like Skype have made the globe a virtual office. The creative sector is a very different place from five years ago.

“The significant time difference can be a challenge but with good planning and organisation, the opportunities are fantastic.”

Frank and his nine-strong team ensure emails to Antipodean clients are crystal clear.

He added:

“A circular email conversation can take 24 hours because of the time difference which means we have to ensure our communication is clear, direct and leaves no room for misunderstanding.

“If everyone is organised, then working on Australian accounts is fantastic for both the client and agency.

“I’ve got a bleep on my mobile which tells me when one of our Australian sites has gone down. It may go off in the night but so could a site in the UK.”

Frank tries to visit Australian clients annually and is not afraid to say “no”.

He said:

“There are occasions when a client in Australia needs local cooperation. We can partner with local suppliers but sometimes we’re just too far away and too disconnected

“We try to be as straight as possible, tell them when it won’t work and that wins us a lot of respect.”

We Love the Web is currently developing Celebrity Slim’s Australian site and improving the experience for its tens of thousands of users. The team is supporting Ladybird and Redbak with growing e-commerce websites.

We Love the Web is also enjoying good sales figures. Last year the company recorded 17 per cent growth.

As well as Australian clients, the company works with specialist pet nutrition firm Vetark, and has also worked on behalf of Kelloggs, Coca Cola and Land Rover.

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