Conservative Party Votes Joe Manby Ltd in for next five years

Harrogate’s Joe Manby Ltd, which has been delivering event services for the Conservative Party Conference since 1985, has been reappointed for the next five years.

The Conservative Party Conference is the largest political event in Europe, incorporating major confidentiality and security considerations, which present substantial challenges to its service suppliers.

An ever-expanding event, the conference included more than 500 fringe meetings and attracted thousands delegates in 2012.

Joe Manby has been providing event services to the Conservative Party Conference for 29 years, working closely with organiser, Fingerprint Events and the party’s commercial team.

Scott Seaman-Digby, commercial director of the Conservative Party said:

“Joe Manby understand the nature of our conferences and have been instrumental in helping us develop them over the past few years.

“They provide great support to our stakeholders and have ensured that we have been able to maintain tight cost control.

“The Party looks forward to continuing our work with the team at Joe Manby Limited to ensure our conferences remain at the pinnacle of UK political events.”

Azahar Hussain, Director of Event Fingerprint Events, said:

“Staying fresh with new creative energy is crucial to making this event a success and I can always rely on the Joe Manby team to deliver new ideas.

“The fact that the Conservative Party choose to work with Joe Manby Limited year after year is an achievement that speaks volumes.

“Taking into account the expectations, prestige, security issues, media attention and the importance of the event, we can’t afford to get anything wrong.

“Joe Manby Limited has proven over the years they not only have the ability to address every single last detail but to take on the bigger picture, delivering creative and forward thinking solutions.”

Previous designs for the conference have included a replica giant interactive conference handbook, an authentic London street scene, complete with traditional stone walls and cobbles, for the “Back Boris 2012” London Mayoral Campaign, and a bespoke press area for the world’s media but Joe Manby is remaining tight-lipped about its plans for 2013.

Richard Manby said:

“The bar is set very high, but our creative team thrives on the challenge this event offers and is currently working on some innovative ideas for this year’s conference.

“Ideas, however, that will be kept firmly under wraps until the first delegate walks through the door at Manchester!”

Joe Manby Limited Reappointed for Conservative_Party Conferences until 2017
Joe Manby has been reappointed by the Conservative Party

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