Mimir Marine dives deep to expand its global presence

Hull-based Mimir Marine is establishing a global reputation with the increased use of its deep sea diving rescue systems across the world – from Aberdeen to Australia.

The company, formed just five years ago, now employs 15 people and has recently been awarded contracts in Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Angola.

In the event of a diving vessel evacuation, saturation divers who live under pressure breathing helium gas mixtures have to escape in a “hyperbaric lifeboat” and endure multiple long days of decompression back to surface or atmospheric pressure in a small and confined lifeboat escape chamber.

New thinking has determined this is far too restrictive – Hyperbaric Reception Facilities (HRF) are chambers specifically designed by Mimir Marine to accept divers transferred from the isolated lifeboat to a large living complex.

Langleys Solicitors act for Mimir Marine on all its contract work, analysing the highly detailed contracts involved to ensure terms and conditions can be adhered to by both Mimir Marine and its clients.

Mimir Marine managing director Gerard Laden said:

“The contracts involved in this work are complex and have far reaching implications.

“Langleys support us by advising on all aspects of our contract work in such a way that they protect us which in turn helps us to protect our clients, avoiding any delays or additional costs along the way.”

Mimir Marine’s client portfolio is also growing in the renewable energy sector with companies seeking its advice on the design and building of offshore weather monitoring stations for developing wind farms.

James Towler, partner at Langleys, said:

“We’ve advised Mimir Marine on a number of recent contracts involving the sale or hire of its systems around the world. It’s great to be supporting such an innovative Yorkshire company with a growing global reach.”

James Towler& Gerard Laden
James Towler from Langleys Solicitors inside one of Mimir Marine’s Hyperbaric Reception Facilities with managing director Gerard Laden

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