Waxing lyrical about ewe’s milk cheese range at Shepherds Purse

A North Yorkshire dairy has been getting its ewe’s milk cheeses “sheep-shape”.

The owners of Shepherds Purse have redesigned the packaging of its alternative cheese range that includes Yorkshire Fettle, Olde York and Katy’s White Lavender.

The sheep cheeses are now hand-dipped in a pure white wax at the Thirsk-based dairy before being labelled up and delivered to delis and supermarkets around the country.

The paper product labels have also undergone a colour transformation, inspired by the Farrow and Ball paint pallet.

Shepherds Purse has been completely rebranded since sisters Caroline Bell and Katie Matten took over the day-to-day running of the business from their mother and company founder Judy Bell.

They aim to take the brand in a bolder and braver direction, without losing the artisanal nature of their produce.

About the new-look ewe’s milk cheeses, Caroline said sheep’s milk cheese has always been at the core of our brand.

She said:

“This is where we started almost 25 years ago – as a quality alternative cheese producer – and although we are now perhaps best known for our excellent blues, ewe’s milk cheeses remain an important part of the dairy.”

She added: “We went with white wax for our fresh ewe’s milk range to reflect the freshness of the product.”

Shepherds Purse’s blue range of cheeses, such as Harrogate Blue and Yorkshire Blue, also underwent a complete transformation earlier this year.

They are now wrapped in silver foil with bold coloured paper labels.

Shepherds Purse was launched in 1989 by their mother Judy Bell and its cheeses are sold across the UK in selected multiples, farm shops and independent deli counters.

cheese range 2
A selection of the new look ewe’s milk range from Shepherds Purse


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