Animalcare celebrates moves to new York home

Specialist veterinary products company Animalcare is celebrating its move to new premises with a staff and families event this week.

The relocation to York Business Park marks a new chapter in the history of Animalcare, providing it with larger warehouse and office space as well as room to expand.

In addition to selling veterinary products, the company has a database – Anibase – of more than 3.5 million micro-chipped pets.

It was therefore vital there was no disruption to the business during its relocation so customers could get in touch with Animalcare in the event of a pet going missing.

This was made possible thanks to the work of leading Yorkshire telecoms specialist NGC Networks which ensured Animalcare’s telephone operation was uninterrupted during the move and was up and running on day one in the new premises.

Animalcare’s IT manager Roy Glover said:

“We take hundreds of calls each day from customers including cases where pets have been found and a vet or the police want to know who the owner is.

“Time can be of the essence if a pet is injured so it was really important that our telephone lines were kept open as we made the move to the new premises.

“With NGC’s advice and assistance we were able to transfer to a new and improved telephone system with little disruption to the business.

“A lot of planning and work went into this part of the relocation between ourselves and NGC and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

 Animalcare chief executive Iain Menneer said:

“The smoothness of the transition from our old premises to the new was impressive, especially given the complexity of the move in ensuring that service to our microchip database team was interrupted to an absolute minimum.”

Wakefield-based NGC Networks director Dean Harrop said:

“We understood very quickly the need for Animalcare to transfer its business with little or no disruption to its telephone operation – a key part of its service to customers.

“It’s great to know we supported Animalcare in its relocation and wish them all the best in their new premises.”

NGC Networks and Animalcare
Pictured from left are NGC Networks director Nikki Guest with “Barney” and Animalcare chief executive Iain Menneer with ‘George’ outside Animalcare’s new premises

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