Grayling North brings M&S “Shwop at Work” to Leeds

Grayling North has teamed up with Marks & Spencer – together with Oxfam and Business in the Community  – to host a “Shwop at Work” event at its offices next week.

The firm is encouraging people in Leeds to drop in any unwanted clothes to the Shwopping Drop Box at its offices between Tuesday, September 17 and Thursday, September 19.

Each person that donates will be given a £5 M&S voucher and all money raised will go to help support people living in poverty.

All the clothes donated will be given to Oxfam to be resold, reused or recycled.

Good quality garments will be sold through Oxfam shops and items that are unfit to be sold will be sent to Oxfam’s unique recycling plant, Wastesaver.

Wastesaver maximises revenue from textiles that cannot be resold and minimises the amount sent to landfill.

The facility sorts 80 tonnes of clothing a week and uses the textiles of un-wearable garments to make new fabrics that are then sold on to M&S clothing suppliers and used to make new products.

Each year one billion items of clothing are sent to landfill – that is one in four items sold in the UK each year.

The Shwopping campaign is trying to put an end to that.

Since the launch of Shwopping in April 2012, M&S and Oxfam have seen over 2.8 million items of clothes donated, worth an estimated £1.8 million to Oxfam.

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