BT Boost For Featherstone Pupils

A West Yorkshire school has teamed up with BT to give students invaluable knowledge and experience in two vocational courses.

BT is working with students at The Purston E-Act Academy in Featherstone who are looking at careers in mechanics and customer services.

The company will support students through the school’s new mock call centre, which opened in September, and the existing motors workshop by offering work experience, career advice and mentoring.

Students interested in a career in the customer services industry will be able to do a number of days work experience with BT at its call centres in the region.

BT will give them a real insight into how customer services are pivotal to the success of any organisation and show students the processes and policies it uses to help customers.

Call centre managers will also give students an overview of the operations and discuss their own experiences and career path.

The Purston E-Act Academy also offers a motor workshop and educational programme for up-and-coming mechanics.

Students on the mechanics courses will be able to take part in a series of master classes at a BT fleet garage with a senior technician.

Chris Thompson, BT account director for education at BT Business, said:

“BT Fleet is one of the largest fleet management companies in the UK.  Not only do we serve our own internal vehicle fleet for maintenance and repairs, we also service commercial vehicles for the AA, EON, Centrica and more.

“We will be running a series of master classes for Purston students on the mechanics course at a local BT Fleet garage, with a senior technician.

“This will give them a real insight into how we manage a large commercial fleet and it will also give the students the opportunity to experience a larger workplace first-hand.”

In addition to the mechanics and customer service courses, all students will get access to BT’s IT Ambassador website which is an online mentoring programme.  It is a secure way for students to link with mentors, make contacts in industries and access career advice.

Pupils are able to post questions and queries on the site to over 600 registered volunteers within BT.  All the necessary safeguards are in place for the pupil safety online.

Chris said:

“Students can access all kinds of information, from a question regarding how BT markets its products to issues with a piece of coding that they need.

“However, more and more, we are offering advice and expertise across how to get their CV noticed, interview questions and techniques and what is it like to work as a BT Apprentice.”

Principal Wayne Parkes said the school wants to offer more than just the academic GCSE route.

He said:

“It’s our mission to deliver a high quality education for all students, whether that’s further education, employment or training.

“We are delighted to be working with BT, who have fully embraced our ethos and are offering huge support.

“Pupils will be able to come out of the classroom and see what a working environment is like in real-life which is fantastic experience for them.

“That, coupled with BT’s mentoring support, means our students will have an invaluable head start when they leave school.”

Pupils at The Purston E-Act Academy
BT has teamed up with The Purston E-Act Academy


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