Oak ‘Comes of Age’ at new Yorkshire-based auction house

The National Centre for Early Furniture and Art (NCEFA) is holding its inaugural sale of early English Oak Furniture entitled “The Age of Oak” later this month.

Based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, NCEFA is the first UK specialist centre dedicated to oak, walnut, and japanned furniture made between the dates of 1500 -1900.

The team of experts and professionals who founded the NCEFA is led by Caroline Forster and includes Dr Adam Bowett, furniture historian and author and Hans Pugh formerly of Sotheby’s Billinghurst and Olympia, supported by Gorringes auctioneers.

NCEFA view their decision to form a dedicated supply centre with an emphasis on the availability of face to face academic assistance for buyers in response to demand from the market, where there is a need for increasing the amount of definitive information on potential purchases.

Specialization and sales of no more than 300 lots allow the resources of the NCEFA team to be concentrated on giving customers accurate information, good service and careful selection of consignments.

The NCEFA main site is based within Swinton Park Estate in Masham, the ancestral home of the Earl of Swinton.

The main NCEFA offices and the first working gallery opened in July of this year for the acceptance of consignments and valuations for the NCEFA portfolio of 2013-2014 sales. Building restoration continues and the saleroom will be fully open to the public for sales in 2016.

The first sale “The Age of Oak” will hold its public preview at the NCEFA main site at Swinton between the October 10 and 13 and the sale will take place on October 23, at Gorringes, the NCEFA associate auctioneers in East Sussex.

The sale includes a rare example of an English Oak canopied press cupboard documented by the late Victor Chinnery, made in West Yorkshire during the end of the 17th century with an estimate of £20-25,000, two Charles II period dressers, and interesting rare examples of simple country furniture from the Shetland islands which have been documented by documented by Dr Adam Bowett author of ‘English Furniture Charles II to Queen Anne’.


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