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Leeds boxer helps Foundation recruits to punch above their weight

Recruits at the pioneering in Hunslet – which is investing up to £5,000 to support long term unemployed on an “earn as you learn” training programme – have been put through their paces during a session with trainer .

As part of their 12- week bootcamp training programme to equip them with sales and wider life skills, Darren – a former super middleweight boxing championship level fighter – harnessed boxing to teach the recruits the importance of discipline and timing, both of which are critical in selling products and services.

Run by BE Fuel Cards, which supplies BP fuel cards to UK businesses, the Foundation is investing up to £5,000 to put each recruit through the training programme and paying them a salary for its three month duration.

Darren said:

“The Bayford Foundation is a great concept, benefiting both the recruits and the company who will be employing them.

“The trainees have demonstrated discipline during their training session and discipline is vital in progressing in all areas of life and work – whether be boxing or sales.

“The session will hopefully continue to benefit them in the future.”


“The session was very motivational and I can see the link between the discipline in boxing and in training in sales.

“Darren’s training was measured, focused and organised and I realise it is important to have that discipline.”

Foundation mentor said:

“I’ve learnt the importance of teambuilding.

“I can definitely see the link between discipline in boxing and sales, the discipline at the beginning – to going into a structured workout, or completing a sale.”

Darren Rhodes and the Bayford Foundation trainees

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