Social media clients boost Yorkshire digital agency Vital Online Studio

One of the oldest digital agencies in Yorkshire has taken on several new clients within its social media division, including one of the UK’s leading providers of autism services.

As well as managing the social media for the Hesley Group, Knaresborough’s Vital Online Studio has developed a new website for the autism company.

Vital has also built a new website for the UK’s largest supplier of bagged ice, The Ice Co, which is based in South Kirkby near Wakefield, and is also managing its social media and blog site.

Completing the new clients is Countrywise Water Coolers, in Hull. Vital maintains its website as well as social media and blog site.

The Hesley Group has its headquarters in Tickhill, near Doncaster, and since the launch of its new website has reported a considerable upturn in online inquiries.

Andy Topps, sales director of Vital Online Studio, which was established in 1996, said:

“From the outset from talking to the Hesley Group it was clear that they were involved in many different marketing activities but struggled to consistently cover all the bases.

“There weren’t many enquiries come through via the old site and they were not ranking as high as they had hoped for search engine keywords.

“Their social media pages were also very low on the numbers of followers and interaction.

“Within a short space of time of the website going live we have been able to clearly demonstrate the impact that the site’s search engine optimisation and structured social media management campaign has had, not only through Google Analytics, but also via feedback from the client.”

Google Analytics has shown a steady increase of unique visitors to the site with 19 per cent of its traffic coming from social media platforms, namely LinkedIn (47 per cent) and Facebook (42 per cent), and these figures are reflected in the overall enquiries coming through the website.

For The Ice Co, Vital has developed websites covering its logistics and warehousing division, its consumer section as well as one specifically for the London hospitality sector.

Vital has also created and is managing The Ice Co’s social media platforms for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus and Tumblr.

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