YPO rewards Yorkshire public sector organisations with share of profits

Almost 10,000 public sector organisations across Yorkshire will benefit from a share of  nearly £800,000, thanks to a unique customer loyalty scheme operated by Yorkshire-based company, YPO, the UK’s largest publicly owned buying organisation.

Each year YPO gives back a portion of all profits to its public sector customer base as part of its Share of Profits Loyalty Scheme, providing a welcome boost to organisations facing budget reductions.

The share of the annual profit a customer receives is based on how much they spend with YPO on stock, direct and food purchases in a calendar year.

This year 25,000 customers across the country, including local authorities, schools, the NHS and the Emergency Services, will share a total of  £2 million, with Yorkshire organisations receiving the largest share.

Simon Hill, managing director of YPO, said:

“Our customers are very important to us so I am delighted that, once again, we are giving back and rewarding those who spend with YPO. YPO is a public sector owned company and all our profits go back into the public purse.

“At a time when the public sector is experiencing increased financial pressures, I am pleased that, through the loyalty scheme, we continue to deliver added value to our customers.”

Since its introduction in 2011 the YPO loyalty scheme has given back over £5.4 million to its customers. The scheme gives organisations the unique opportunity to get money back from their YPO purchases.


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